Books & chapters

This is a selected list of my books and book chapters:

Carrier, M., Damerow, R.M., and Bailey, K.M. (2017).Digital Language Learning: research, theory & practiceOxford: Routledge
Carrier, M. (2016). Speech Recognition. In: Conference Proceedings. ICT for Language Learning 2016. Florence: LibreriaUniversitaria Edizioni.
Stickel, G. and Carrier, M. (eds). (2011).Language Education in Creating a Multilingual Europe
Contributions to the Annual Conference 2011 of EFNIL in London.
Frankfurt Am Main: Peter Lang
Carrier, M. (2008). Getting started with elearning. In: Best Practice in Language Teaching: An IH perspective. London: International House World Organisation
Carrier, M. (2005).Teaching Culture Awareness and Sensitivity. In: Across Cultures.Vilnius: EU Socrates Programme
Carrier, M. & Haines, S. (1992). Front Page series:
Students Books 1 - 3
Harlow: Longman
Carrier, M. & Sneyd, M. (1992). Business Connections.London: Thomas Nelson
Carrier, M. (1991). New Connexions: Alternatives. Harmondsworth: Penguin
Carrier, M. & Mendelsohn et al. (1989). Real Writing. U.S. edition of Intermediate Writing Skills.USA: Dormac
Carrier, M. (1986).Decision-taker - Business simulation software. Harlow: Longman
Carrier, M. (1986). Business Software Pack. Munchen: Hueber Verlag
Carrier, M. (1986).Business Circles London: Thomas Nelson
Carrier, M. , Haines, S. & Seath, J. (1985). Break into English series:
Students Books 1-4
Sevenoaks: Hodder & Stoughton
Carrier, M. (1985). Business Reading SkillsSevenoaks: Hodder & Stoughton
Carrier, M. (1981-85). Spotlight Readers (series editor)London: Cassell
Carrier, M. (1981). Intermediate Writing SkillsSevenoaks: Hodder & Stoughton
Carrier, M. (1981). Topics for Discussion London: Stanley Thornes
Carrier, M. (1979). Take FiveLondon: Harrap
Carrier, M. (1974-78). Englisch fur die reformierte Oberstufe. (Series of 12 thematic coursebooks). Colchester: Centre for British teachers.

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